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Office Interiors Group, Inc. has been the leader in Asset Management and Commercial Service since 1993 while providing superior customer service for our clients. With having eight Brands and one centralized Sales and Operations center in the Southwest, we can meet all of your office and industrial service needs on one campus. OIG is a company that is seen as professional, efficient and that can execute impeccably. The main focus is on you and we are committed to providing professional asset management and commercial services that are tailored to your individual needs, your time schedule and your budget because no two companies are alike.

The main menu of services was developed to assist our clients and help them effectively deal with organizational changes, relocations and a comprehensive one-source solution for asset management and commercial service:

• Asset Management and Commercial Services - AMCS The core of OIG starts within the sole of an organization and builds from within to plan, market, and report, discover and strategically make recommendations for future growth or downsizing. Once the foundation has been constructed then the outer band comes into play by inserting recycling programs, implementing asset recovery databases, initiating facility service or decommissioning programs within the organization.

• Office Furniture Solutions - OFS The OFS Division has been providing quality office furniture throughout the United States since 1998 to small and mid-size firms to multinational global corporations. The Brands under the OFS Division are internet based such as,,, and

• On-Line Auctions - The On-Line Auction Division incorporates Database driven Programs and Systems within our corporate client's organization to allow them the ability to post, report, deploy, appraise and sell assets via the on-line portal or multiple web-site avenues. The Brands under the On-Line Auction Division consist of, and

The proven track record of our existing clients that have experienced a substantial savings by intrusting OIG to implement its programs deep within the organization shows the advantage of working with a turn-key one source solution. Once the programs are in place the next step is to evaluate existing inventories so the bottom line is impacted positively by allowing your organization the ability to sell off surplus assets within our On-Line Auctions. If you have a unique asset that requires additional exposure to the marketplace or the requirement for this to be handled differently from the traditional model number/ serial number assets within a facility we can modify our programs to meet your requirements. Our experienced team does in depth research, locates logical users, directly contacts potential buyers, and negotiates sales on our client's behalf.